Passionate About Iowa City
and the Moms Who Live Here.

Moment of Dread: Moving into a Big Girl Bed

Parenthood is full of phases, changes, and adjustments – from pregnancy, labor, and delivery all the way through high school graduation and beyond. During my first pregnancy, I remember my husband asking me once if I was worried or nervous about bringing home a tiny and helpless baby, because that was his biggest concern at […]

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What’s for breakfast? {Back to School}

Every night before bed I call for my “three little duckies,” and soon we can hear their footsteps running up the stairs. Moments later they will all line up in the kitchen, oldest to youngest, to collect their Flintstones gummy vitamins. Two for the oldest… two for the middle… one for the ‘baby’. Like clockwork they will […]

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Weekend Wednesday

Weekend Wednesday: August 29-30

I hope everyone survived the first week back to school and for some of you, you may just be getting ready to go back.  Either way, head out with the family and enjoy the nice weather!  Here are my top picks…there are A LOT of them! Saturday, August 29th Mom’s Morning Out with the Iowa […]

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