Passionate About Iowa City
and the Moms Who Live Here.

Back-to-School {style on a dime}

Temperatures are rising, and many of us are counting down the days until we get a break our kids are back in school. (At which time we will begin counting down the days until our first break.) But for now, it’s back-to-school season. Soon we will all be meeting in the aisles of Target with our […]

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Work From Home Hazards

Just as employers have a responsibility to disclose potential work place hazards, I feel you have the right to know the many risks of being a work from home mom. Health and safety hazards exist in every workplace. However, sanity concerns are often overlooked, which leaves us vulnerable to especially dangerous working conditions. Workplace hazards, […]

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A Mom’s Guide to Aldi

First things first, this is NOT a sponsored post.  No one paid me to write it, nor did I receive any free products (although I would gladly take some!).  I just wanted to share my love for Aldi (and all bargain-shopping tips) with you today!  Truth be told, the majority of my trips to the […]

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