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We All Scream For Ice Cream! [Iowa City Ice Cream Shops]

It’s the middle of summer and the begging for ice cream is constant! Is it from my kids? Nah. Let’s be real… it’s me. I’m the one who suggests going out for ice cream, only to have my husband respond with, “We haven’t even eaten lunch yet.” So, I go inside and quickly whip up some PB&Js for the girls so we can satisfy our lunch criteria and get on to the important stuff. But there is still a hard decision to be made…

Where should we go to get ice cream?

ice cream

Here is just a brief list of local ice cream shops. I use the term ‘ice cream’ loosely to include a variety of satisfying cold treats – ice cream, froyo, gelato, frozen custard, etc.– because I appreciate all types of frozen desserts. But, I will admit that my family tends to stay fairly close to home, so please list any spots I missed in the comments below (and be sure to include your favorite flavors and go-to frozen treats).

Ice Cream/Froyo Shops near Iowa City


132 S Clinton St

811 S 1st Ave

Cold Stone
39 S Dubuque St

Danes Dairy
1430 Willow Creek Ct

ice cream

Cold Stone – Cheesecake with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate shavings, and cookie dough


2180 Norcor Avenue

Cold Stone
921 25th Ave

Coral Ridge Mall

Dairy Queen
904 2nd St

2591 Heartland Pl

ice cream

Dairy Queen – Royal Oreo Blizzard (with fudge)


25 E Cherry St

Dairy Queen
365 Beaver Kreek Center

Orange Leaf
780 Community Dr #9

Capanna Coffee & Gelato
**Offers Vegan Gelato!
6 Pacha Pkwy #710

ice cream

Heyn’s – Lemon Custard



Jon’s Ice Cream
231 W Marengo Rd

ice cream

Jon’s – Sprinkle cone, Trash can sundae, and brownie sundae

Give us the inside “scoop”…what is your favorite flavor of ice cream/froyo, and where do you get it?


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  1. Jessi
    Jessi July 18, 2016 at 3:24 pm #

    We love Main Street Sweets in West Branch, too! 🙂

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