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Marley Spoon Meal Service Review: (Honest and Unpaid!)

Last month I set out on a mission to personally review as many meal services as possible… it all started when the ultra wise Facebook began bombarding me with ads for meal delivery services. Evidently it’s pretty clear that I’m busy, I’m hungry, I like coupons, and I crave convenience, so kudos to the masterminds behind the advertisement placement. It worked. I started with Blue Apron; read my review here. Next up we’re digging in to try Marley Spoon.


Fun fact: Martha Stewart is the mastermind behind Marley Spoon. They claim to be designed with easy weeknight cooking in mind, and the recipes reflect Martha’s love for seasonal ingredients and delicious flavors. Like all the meal services, they deliver the exact ingredients you need to whip up the recipes they provide. Here are the details…

The Price

2 meals per week for 2 people: $48 ($12/per serving)
3 meals per week for 2 people: $61.50 ($10.25/per serving)
4 meals per week for 2 people: $76 ($9.50/per serving)

-OR- opt for the Family Box (made to serve 2 adults and 2 children)

2 meals per week for family: $76 ($9.50/per serving)
3 meals per week for family: $106.80 ($8.90/per serving)
4 meals per week for family: $139.20 ($8.70/per serving)


The Plan

Marley Spoon allows you select your meals from the available 5-7 recipes each week. Everything is shipped right to your door on the delivery day of your choosing. It arrives in a chilled box to keep your food fresh (even if it’s 100 degrees on delivery day, like it was when ours arrived). Like all these food services, you get pre-measured ingredients, so food waste is eliminated and everything is in season and fresh… as long as you use it within a few days of delivery. You do have the option of skipping weeks, but you’ll need to update that preference at least 5 days before the scheduled delivery day. Again, this sneaks up on a busy mom. 😉

Recipes we tried:

  1. Burger Salad with Special Sauce Dressing (4 stars)
  2. Cheesy Spinach, Corn & Bean Enchiladas (5 stars)


We opted to do the Family package this time, to allow for some leftovers (we are a family of 3). Overall we liked Marley Spoon better than Blue Apron. Our meals were really delicious, the prep time was accurate (only 30-40 minutes), and we liked that the recipes were more kid-friendly. Both of these recipes were good enough that we’ll likely add them to our regular line-up. I noted that the ingredients for these recipes were pretty standard (probably why they seemed more kid-friendly, too). I guess this a pro and a con–I love that we can easily add these to our line-up and that we were comfortable cooking with the ingredients, but it also felt a little silly to have regular grocery items that I may have already had on hand delivered to my door for that particular meal.

Hands-down my favorite feature of Marley Spoon was the option to only receive 2 meals a week. As a busy family we don’t always get to prep and sit down to enjoy meals together every night of the week. This gave us some wiggle room to ensure we could work the recipes into our schedule.  I was also impressed with the serving sizes, the variety of recipes available, and how simple the instructions were–each were broken down into only 6 steps. It seems a little pricey, but when looking at the cost per serving, it seems reasonable for the quality, convenience, and the yummy meals.

We give this one a big thumbs up!


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