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Objective: Joy

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Understatement of the year, eh, Mamas? Earlier this spring, I had the great idea to pack a picnic lunch, a blanket, and a bag full of books, and spend the morning with my preschoolers at Mercer Park. The kids could play on the playground, we would enjoy a lovely […]

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lazy girls guide to diy cleaners

DIY Cleaners for the Cheap and Lazy

I don’t know how, but somewhere along the way, we Do-It-Yourself-ers got pigeon-holed as ambitious, crafty, and talented. It’s just simply not true. I, for one, am actually quite lazy, awkward, and mediocre. Want proof? Read my last post!! This couldn’t be more true when it comes to cleaning. I want cleaning supplies that are […]

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Magnificent Mediocrity

At my core, I am a perfectionist: the child who was afraid to try something until she was sure she could do it perfectly the first time, the adolescent who pretended to dislike activities in order to avoid the embarrassment of imperfection, the college student who took “safe” classes and avoided the challenging ones most […]

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Repurposed Preschool - water beads 1

Repurposed Preschool: Water Beads

You may have seen them filling vases under a bouquet of cut flowers or amongst floating candles in wedding centerpieces, but these nifty little spheres, called water beads, have another purpose you may not have considered before. Surprise! Another fantastic “toy” for the kiddos! Move over sand and water, there’s another sensory-table filler in town. […]

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Lianna Babysplosion 4-8-13


When our firstborn was an infant in the winter of 2010, my husband and I had a bad case of cabin fever. In an attempt to cure ourselves, we declared a new snow day tradition: any time there was a big snow storm, we would bundle up our family and trudge through the snow drifts […]

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