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The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15: When to Buy Organic

Should I buy organic? Does it matter? Is it worth the extra cost? If I can’t afford to buy everything organic, how do I choose which foods to splurge on and which ones to save on? The Environmental Working Group creates a Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, updated yearly, that ranks pesticide contamination on 48 popular […]

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A Magical Fairy Garden

Spring is here. The weather is getting warmer. The grass is getting greener. My Pinterest boards are filling up with landscape design and gardening tips. There is just one problem: my thumb is brown. I love the idea of a beautiful garden, but after years of failed attempts I needed to think of ways to incorporate natural elements […]

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Lessons From Tomatoes: Parenting Seasonally

We accidentally planted 40 tomato plants. That’s not a typo. Forty. It started off innocently enough. When the ground was still snow-covered and the creek was still solid, we were dreaming of spring and yearning for warmth and the smell of dirt and sunshine, so we planted a packet of seeds indoors to pass the […]

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Meet Me At the Market: A Guide to Farmer’s Markets in the Corridor!

It is a random Thursday afternoon in April, when the Iowa weather is somewhere between sunny skies and a monsoon-style downpour. Since we like to err on the side of caution, my daughter and I are curled up in our reading nook (aka a couple of pillows on the floor), reading “Rah, Rah, Radishes”, a vegetable […]

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Spring Is in the Air

Spring has finally arrived and soon we will be feeling the warmth of the sun (hopefully more consistently than 1-2 days a week) while being surrounded by colorful flowers and listening to the laughter that fills the air as our children play outside with neighborhood friends. Life just seems a little easier in the springtime […]

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I Can, Can You Can? A Beginner’s Guide to Water Bath Canning

The end of summer is a rough time of year for me. It’s a shame really, because it is one of the most beautiful, joyful, exciting times of year, and therein lies the problem: I’m just not ready for it to end! Yes, of course, I look forward to wearing sweatshirts, tailgating at Kinnick, romping […]

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{Sponsored Post} Little PNuts Review & Giveaway!

Have you heard of Little PNuts yet?  Well if not, then today is your lucky day!  Little PNuts is a unique subscription toy company that sends special deliveries of eco-friendly, sustainable, natural and organic toys right to your doorstep for your “little pnuts”.  In their own words, the goal of Little PNuts brand is to […]

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