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Cutting the Cord: How to Live a Cable-Free Life

When we moved into our house 6 years ago, we went about the usual tasks of forwarding our mail, setting up garbage pick-up, and transferring our gas/electrical/water bills.  One thing we DIDN’T do, however, was purchase a cable package.  Yes, that’s right: we haven’t had cable TV in six years.  Now, before you stop reading, […]

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Resources for Raising Strong Girls (and Boys)

I was raised with a healthy dose of, “Girls can do anything boys can do,” but it wasn’t until I had daughters of my own that I really started paying attention to all the indirect messages that society sends to girls and women. From, “Sugar and spice and everything nice,” to pink aisles full of […]

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February 2015-5

It Takes a Village: Creating Family Bonds from a Distance

It’s summer in Iowa City, which means it’s time for the annual population turnover. You can see the shift especially well downtown. Every year at the beginning of summer, students head home, and the streets fill with families enjoying the reprieve from the crowds. In July, the University hospital begins its new year, bringing with […]

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