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I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

If you wanted to excel at something (say, crocheting for example), what would you do? First, there is the theory of crocheting. You’d probably start by picking up some beginning crocheting books/magazines, following a couple blogs, and watching You Tube videos to get a basic understanding of what crocheting is and how it’s done. After […]

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Am I a Good Enough Mom?

Over the summer my daughter said to me for the first time,”I want to be just like you, Mommy. I want to have a pink wallet and drive a silver car. I can run races and be a mommy just like you!” For a moment, I was taken aback. Rather than accepting that my daughter […]

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Snack Attack.

Calling all you seasoned Mommas…Advice needed!  My baby boy (okay, he’s my oldest of 3 munchkins, but he will still ALWAYS be my baby!) started his first full days at Kindergarten this week. And yes, his Dad barely made it out of the driveway with him before tears started streaming down my cheeks. I’ve spent […]

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