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Teacher Appreciation Week – The Dos and Don’ts

Stop. Don’t keep reading until you take a moment to pull out your planner, Google calendar, or bullet journal and put a huge circle (or star, flower, whatever kind of doodle you’d like) around the week of May 1 – May 5. Did you do it? If not, I’ll wait . . . Okay. Now we can move […]

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{Re-Cap} Pizza and Pencils Event

How’s everyone feeling on this first Friday of the school year? Exhausted? Cranky? Ready for a night of sleep without the alarm going off in the morning? We hear you.  But, imagine if this exhaustion and crankiness were the least of your problems this school year.  Imagine if you came to “unpack your backpack” or […]

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Back to school jitters - bus

Back to School Jitters: Helping Prepare Your Child for Re-entry Into School

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and it’s warm outside. The dew is still on the grass, and it’s time to take your child to school for the first day of the year.  Children are lining up for their classrooms with their new backpacks and school clothes.  Everything looks new and shiny. A […]

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Homework Box

Conquering Homework Battles

Some evenings, homework time feels like a battle zone at our house. We are two years into the elementary school homework routine and still struggle with a simple, stress-free routine. The issue isn’t homework content, but sitting down to finish it without distractions or complaining. After another frustrating night of reminders, lost books, and resistance, […]

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Snack Attack.

Calling all you seasoned Mommas…Advice needed!  My baby boy (okay, he’s my oldest of 3 munchkins, but he will still ALWAYS be my baby!) started his first full days at Kindergarten this week. And yes, his Dad barely made it out of the driveway with him before tears started streaming down my cheeks. I’ve spent […]

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