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It’s Called a “Bullet Journal” Because You’ll Want to Shoot It

Earlier this week, ICMB writer Becky told us everything we need to know to start a Bullet Journal. If you’re like me, you may have heard about this trend in the blogosphere and had a mild curiosity about its potential to help organize your life. Becky loves her bullet journal! Good for Becky. Because I admire Becky for many reasons, not […]

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A Mom’s Guide to Iowa City Moms Blog

If you are reading this, first of all we want to say THANK YOU!  We are so glad you’re here, following all things ICMB and involving your families in our local events.  When we started this blog almost four years ago, our mission was clear:  to share this journey of motherhood with moms who “get […]

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This House Runs On Costco {P.S. Registration is OPEN!}

{This is a Sponsored Post; ICMB received goods, services, or monetary payment in exchange.  However, ALL opinions are our own and we LOVE Costco!} I know what you’re thinking. We have already shared our love for Costco NUMEROUS times on this blog.  We’ve told you how to save money by shopping at Costco, we’ve told […]

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Cutting the Cord: How to Live a Cable-Free Life

When we moved into our house 6 years ago, we went about the usual tasks of forwarding our mail, setting up garbage pick-up, and transferring our gas/electrical/water bills.  One thing we DIDN’T do, however, was purchase a cable package.  Yes, that’s right: we haven’t had cable TV in six years.  Now, before you stop reading, […]

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12 Random Items That Make Mama’s Life Easier

Since having kids, my house is filling up with stuff.  The worst part is, many of the items are easily broken, not so great, or rarely used.  This got me thinking about the more unusual items that I find really useful that probably not everyone has.  I asked the ICMB writers what their FAVORITE, not-so-common, actually […]

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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better | A “He Said/She Said” Guide to Parenting

New parents these days are bombarded with information about raising children. From bottles to breasts, cribs to co-sleeping, and organic homegrown to processed store-bought, the choices and guidelines are endless. My husband and I have two small children and have been parents for 3.5 entire years; obviously, we are now experts. We have also come […]

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