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A Simple Valentine’s Day Craft That Anyone Would Love

Oh no! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you still need a gift that is simple and easy for a few special people. No time? No worries. I have a solution for you! Here is a fun craft that is a cinch for your kiddos (or anyone else) to make.

This craft is super cute and is perfect to send to teachers, grandparents, in-laws, spouses, aunts, uncles, or anyone else that you think would enjoy a sweet little gift from your kids. Children of any age can do this project. All they need to be able to do is use a glue stick!

Let’s not waste any more time. Here is what you need for this project:


  • Glue stick or white liquid glue
  • Tissue paper in a variety of colors cut into small squares
  • Marker or pen
  • White cardstock or paper


Follow these steps and you are on your way to a gift that anyone will love!

1. Print

Print off the “I Love You to Pieces” project page on white cardstock or regular white paper. I prefer cardstock to regular paper because it can survive a long trip in the mail better than a flimsy piece of paper. If you do not have to mail it, then by all means use whatever paper you have on hand! “I Love You To Pieces” Printable

2. Glue and Stick

Inside the black outline of the heart, put a little circle of glue and stick down a square of tissue paper. Staying inside the line of the heart, continue to glue and stick down various colors of tissue paper until the heart is all filled in.


3. Sign It

Using a black marker or pen, have your child sign their name down at the bottom. For younger children, you can either write their name for them or help them to write by giving them hand-over-hand assistance.

4. Dry and Send

Let it dry and then use a large manila envelope to either mail it to the loved one of your choice or hand deliver it to that special someone.

This simple Valentine’s Day craft is guaranteed to be well received by anyone and will 100% bring a smile to the recipient’s face. I hope you enjoyed creating this pretty gift, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Mimi February 28, 2017 at 10:07 pm #

    She didn’t tell me she was the star of this feature! Mine is still hanging on the kitchen wall! So cute!!!

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