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Mommas: Go Hug Your Babies

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because we’ve all got places to go (work, the grocery store) and people to see (mainly just the people at the grocery store). So here we go…

Mommas: go hug your babies. 

See? Easy peasy! Whether your babies are 2 weeks, 2 years, or 2 decades old they need a little loving today, so go wrap your arms around their itty-bitty bodies and squeeze.  I’m not telling you this because a new tragedy struck or because you never know which hug will be your last.  I’m not going to cite some article that says hugging your baby will make them more successful in life.  It’s really not that complicated. 

Let’s just strip motherhood down to its barest minimum and do something truly magnificent today. 

Let’s all go hug our babies. 

You can do it now.  I’ll wait. 


Did you do it?  I really hope you did.  I hope you focused on that hug, maybe even closed your eyes, and transferred a bit of love into that sweet, wonderful child.  That hug is just as much for you, Momma, as it is for your little one.  Reconnect.  Get nostalgic if you want to.  Forget the chaos of life for two quick seconds and press pause to give them a hug. 

Just because.

If your baby is at daycare or school, hug them as soon as you see them next. Right away—don’t forget!  Make it a moment and realize how wonderful it feels to have them in your arms again. 

If your baby doesn’t like hugs, give them what they do like.  Fist bumps.  A little wave or secret handshake.  Whatever you normally do to show them your love, do that.  Fiercely.  Today.

If your baby is too far away to hug, do what you can to show them your love.  Send a handwritten letter, shoot ‘em an email, or make an old-fashioned phone call.  Check in with them, and preferably do it right now.  And the next time you ARE in the same room as them, give them a hug.  It can be short or long; it really doesn’t matter. 

Just hug your baby.

Sometimes we give a lot of affection to our children.  They’re so close to us all of the time—always under our feet—and it’s easy to give a pat on the back or quick rumple of their hair.  But slowly their world gets bigger and they move beyond our reach.  Bring them back into your nest today, just for a second, and give them a hug.  I promise you, you won’t regret it.    


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