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My Favorite Products to Buy at Trader Joe’s! *Video*

I’m a relative newbie to Trader Joe’s. I’ve been a loyal Costco customer for several years, and before that I was a regular HyVee shopper. Throw in my occasional trips to Aldi or New Pioneer Coop, and you’ll understand why I didn’t think I had room in my heart for another grocery store to love.

But I did. And I do. I’m here to tell you that Trader Joe’s is worth the visit. 

My favorite things to buy at Trader Joe's

Here are some of my favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s, though I have to admit that this one bag of goodies doesn’t cover ALL the treasures that TJ’s offers. Take your time. Wander around and see what draws your eye. 

What do you buy from TJ’s? Share your favorites with us!


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