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Conversations With Adoptive Families: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

“They’re so cute! Are they adopted?” “What IS he? Is he half-black and half white, or half-black and half Asian? If he’s half-black and half-Asian, you’re lucky because half-black/half Asian kids are the most BEAUTIFUL! I really wish I had a half-black/half Asian baby!” “My daughter also adopted two bi-racial kids! They’re fun!” “Your daughter […]

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Why Socks Suck

As a contributor for Iowa City Moms Blog, I’ve written about some pretty tough topics. This post is no exception. I’m sharing one of the greatest challenges I’ve faced during my 14 years of parenting. Socks. I know socks might seem like a benign concern, but believe me–socks are a major pain point in our […]

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Baby You Can Drive My Car

We moms love to celebrate our kids’ milestones. Whether it’s your child’s first time rolling over, crawling, or walking, these “firsts” are usually an indication that your baby is growing more independent. There is one milestone, however, that I have been dreading since my first child was little. My oldest turned 14 this summer. It’s time […]

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The Voice

“You’re STILL nursing?” “Are you planning to wean him before preschool?” “Aren’t you worried he’ll never want to give it up?” I’ve been providing the same answer to these questions for a few months now: Yes, Yes, and No. To be clear, the above questions aren’t always asked by other people. Even though I’m confident in […]

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Why I Kept My Pregnancy Off Social Media

When my youngest child was born last year, many people didn’t know I was pregnant until after the baby had arrived. We did our best to keep news of the pregnancy on the down-low, even concealing the news from our children until 28 weeks. I posted no ultrasound photos on Facebook. We didn’t announce anything […]

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