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A Legit No-Sew Tutu in Under an Hour! {Tutorial}

A few weeks ago one of my daughters found a craft project she wanted to try.  The project was described in her American Girl Magazine and the title of the craft project was something along the lines of “No-Sew Tutu.” I have to say I was immediately suspicious.  In my experience, many “no sew” projects […]

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Holiday Shopping Guide

ICMB Holiday Shopping Guide

At Iowa City Moms Blog we love shopping local and momtrepreneur businesses!! We encourage you to shop small businesses this holiday season as well! Did you know? Saturday, Nov 30th is Small Business Saturday.  We’ve put together some of our favorite local small and momtrepreneur businesses to give you some ideas! Click on the business to […]

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Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater!

Alright, maybe that title should more accurately read: Tara, Tara, Pumpkin Eater! But alas, that just doesn’t rhyme and I’m a tad OCD, okay?! Tangent – why are old nursery rhymes so creepy? Seriously, have you ever REALLY listened to the words? Disturbing… Nevertheless, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Moms Blog friends! =) During this time of year, […]

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Learning At Home: 10 Easy Tips

Today I will be sharing with you 10 ways to create a healthy learning environment at home, whether you are able to be home with your little one every day or you simply want to make the best of the time you do spend together. This list is compiled from taking tips learned from my […]

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