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icmb embryo donation failure

My Embryo Donation Failure—and Its Happy Ending

After two years of infertility treatments and two healthy IVF babies, my husband and I were confident that our family was complete. However, we had three embryos left that we were not going to use. We chose embryo adoption, donating our three remaining frozen embryos to an infertile couple. We wanted to know if a baby […]

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A Mom’s Guide to Iowa City Moms Blog

If you are reading this, first of all we want to say THANK YOU!  We are so glad you’re here, following all things ICMB and involving your families in our local events.  When we started this blog almost four years ago, our mission was clear:  to share this journey of motherhood with moms who “get […]

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Infertility 1

Infertility: The Pain, The Emotions, The Reality

Do you know how hard it is to wait for something that has a large chance of never happening? And did you know that there is actually something even more excruciating than that? There is no pain deeper then when you have to finally surrender yourself and let go of something you have tried so […]

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Waiting For An Egg to Hatch 1

Waiting For an Egg to Hatch: My Story of Infertility

For as long as I can remember, I pictured myself as a wife and mother. I never thought my life would be any different than that. Like my own mother, my older sister, and my friends, I just assumed that I, too, would eventually become pregnant and my life as a mother would begin. I […]

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