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Infertility: The Pain, The Emotions, The Reality

Do you know how hard it is to wait for something that has a large chance of never happening? And did you know that there is actually something even more excruciating than that? There is no pain deeper then when you have to finally surrender yourself and let go of something you have tried so […]

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Celebrate However You Want!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day we all sit somewhere on the spectrum between full on romantic holiday and boycotting it completely. I think the beautiful thing about the holiday is that you can celebrate however makes you happy. For some it’s the traditional box of chocolates, a dozen red roses, and a cute stuffed […]

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It’s the Little Things: Finding Love in the Beautiful Minutiae

It’s the little things. Ten tiny baby toes, soft and pudgy, toenails so small they might as well be glitter. White onesies, hanging from the clothesline in a neat row, swaying and dancing in the breeze against a backdrop of green. Baby cheeks, smooth and soft as unbaked dinner rolls, heavy and pink from slumber. […]

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Help! I Married the Grinch! 5 Tips for Holiday Harmony

As I sit down to write this I am distracted by my giddy excitement for the holidays. I am listening to Christmas music (I recommend the Jack Johnson Holiday station on Pandora), checking my email for the latest holiday promotions, browsing Pinterest for a few festive recipes, and letting my mind run wild with anticipation. I’m picturing […]

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