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8 {FREE!} Things Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

If you type “Mother’s Day gift ideas” into Google Shopping, you will get a long list of the latest and greatest things that Mom “needs” this Mother’s Day.  Suggestions cover all areas of the retail spectrum, from necklaces and wind chimes, to personalized knick knacks and this Mother’s Day Brunch gift basket.  (Although I’m having a hard […]

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Yummm, Brunch! Where to get Sunday Brunch in the Iowa City Area

Who doesn’t love Sunday brunch?!  Our family’s recent routine has been to get in a little breakfast before heading to church on Sunday morning, and then come home after Sunday School and make a big meal of pancakes, eggs, waffles, breakfast meats, vegetables, and fruits while listening to music on the radio.  My five-year-old loves […]

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Sweet and Simple Mother’s Day Craft

As a kindergarten teacher, I have done countless craft and paint projects with my students as gifts for their parents that involved handprints, fingerprints, tearing paper, tracing, cutting, and so many other things.  Some of them have been easy and cute, while others have involved multiple steps across several different days. They always have turned […]

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Nominate a Mom Now for ICMB’s Amazing Super Mom Prize Package!!

Do you know an amazing mom? Someone who devotes her time and talents to her children, her friends, her family, and her community? Someone who deserves to be pampered and recognized? Maybe someone who  would never seek recognition herself, but who you feel should be celebrated? Nominate her TODAY for Iowa City Mom’s Blog’s Super […]

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{Nominate a Mom Now}: ICMB’s 2nd Annual Super Mom Contest

You know the one.  You’ve seen her at the grocery store.  She’s holding her grocery list in one hand, pushing the cart with the baby’s carseat with the other hand, and playing a guessing game with her two toddlers as they walk behind her, stepping on her heels at every turn.  You’ve sat and chatted with […]

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