Passionate About Iowa City
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Frugal Friday! (First Installment)

If you have been following the Iowa City Moms Blog for any amount of time, you have probably caught on to the fact that many of our writers (including myself) are self-proclaimed “barganistas”, “clearance-rack junkies”, “garage sale queens”, etc.  Lianna shared some tips on how to become a garage-sale queen, and Tara has shared both thrift-store bargains […]

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The Traveling Diaries

We made it! We survived the first long road trip with a baby! There were some ups and downs, but in general it was definitely a success. As my last post mentioned, we drove from Iowa City to Lincoln, spent the night, and then went from Lincoln to Denver in order to visit family.  While […]

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Adventures in Potty-Training: 5 Tips for Positive Success

Potty training your kid is a personal endeavor, in every sense of the word. You might choose the 3-day method, or take a more gradual approach. You might start early, or wait until your child makes the decision to do it themselves. Maybe you practice elimination communication and essentially potty-train your child starting at birth. […]

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