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Halloween Magic: Homemade Butterfingers Recipe

It’s October, and things are getting intense. It’s that time of year where we are reminded how divided we really are as a culture. Most of us have strong opinions and we are likely not going to be swayed by anyone else. I’m somewhat embarrassed to find myself in the minority this time, begging to find […]

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To Switch or Not to Switch?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without Pinterest, you’ve seen the “Switch Witch” and other suggested fun ways to get rid of your child’s Halloween candy after trick-or-treating. The idea is that kids do not need all that junk for more than one night and that those treat bags are filled with highly-processed treats […]

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5 Ways To Rid Yourself Of Halloween Candy

When I was little, I LOVED Halloween. Dressing up in fun costumes {I was Barbie…a lot}, carving pumpkins and Trick-or-Treating.  I never really ate much of my candy.  Instead, I just sorted it into appropriate piles, counting how many Slo Pokes and 100 Grand bars I had. Often most of my candy would just end […]

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