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urban homesteading go green city

Urban Homesteading: 15 Ways to Go Green in the City

The word “homesteading” brings to mind adventurous settlers rushing to stake their claim on lands out west in the 1800s. You might think of homesteaders as Little House on the Prairie-types who reject modern technology and conveniences in favor of cows, sows, and plows.  But modern homesteading simply means embracing a lifestyle that values sustainability over […]

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{Sponsored Post} Little PNuts Review & Giveaway!

Have you heard of Little PNuts yet?  Well if not, then today is your lucky day!  Little PNuts is a unique subscription toy company that sends special deliveries of eco-friendly, sustainable, natural and organic toys right to your doorstep for your “little pnuts”.  In their own words, the goal of Little PNuts brand is to […]

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No Poo ok

“No-Poo”… No Problem

Ahh, the aroma of succulent flowers filling the steamy bathroom. Warm, foamy, shampoo suds slipping through your fingers in a smooth lather.  The soft silkiness of your locks as you rinse out the set-in conditioner. It has been more than 11 weeks since I’ve experienced that in my shower routine. That’s correct, I haven’t shampooed […]

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Megan - OPENER

Grow It: Bouquet Beauty

There is lovely magic in a bouquet of fresh flowers. Even a petite vase filled with bright-eyed daisies posses has a special air about it. We’ve all witnessed flower power—such as when a bouquet captures your attention and momentarily takes your mind and your eye away from the cheddar fish crackers peaking out from under […]

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