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The Traveling Diaries

We made it! We survived the first long road trip with a baby! There were some ups and downs, but in general it was definitely a success. As my last post mentioned, we drove from Iowa City to Lincoln, spent the night, and then went from Lincoln to Denver in order to visit family.  While […]

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Bittersweet Emotions

Julia has been crawling backwards since she was about six months. It was two months of her rocking on all fours and inching the wrong direction. She’d get stuck in all sorts of places – underneath the couch, under the bed, she’d get pushed up against a wall and not know where to go from […]

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What ARE We thinking?

The time comes in every parent’s life that he/she decides to do the unthinkable…take a road trip with a baby!  Whether it is long or short, there is always at least a little sense of dread that goes along with packing up the car and getting ready to go. Often that dread comes from all […]

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