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Disney World Planning 101 (Part 2): The WHERE

After reading the first post in this series, Disney World Planning 101 (Part 1): The WHY, WHO, WHEN, and HOW, you’ve figured out WHY you’re going, WHO you’re taking, WHEN you’ll be going, and HOW you’ll get there. Now we can get into the fun stuff – the WHERE and the WHAT! Today we are […]

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It’s Called a “Bullet Journal” Because You’ll Want to Shoot It

Earlier this week, ICMB writer Becky told us everything we need to know to start a Bullet Journal. If you’re like me, you may have heard about this trend in the blogosphere and had a mild curiosity about its potential to help organize your life. Becky loves her bullet journal! Good for Becky. Because I admire Becky for many reasons, not […]

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Put Down the Sharpie.

This post is not about office supplies.  I promise.  Although I do love me some Sharpies.  And a new planner.  And a crisp white legal pad.  Or a yellow one, depending upon the day.  Oh, and then there’s highlighters… But wait. This post is not about office supplies.  Fellow Sharpie lovers, today I am asking […]

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