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5 Ways To Rid Yourself Of Halloween Candy

When I was little, I LOVED Halloween. Dressing up in fun costumes {I was Barbie…a lot}, carving pumpkins and Trick-or-Treating.  I never really ate much of my candy.  Instead, I just sorted it into appropriate piles, counting how many Slo Pokes and 100 Grand bars I had. Often most of my candy would just end up being forgotten behind the dust bunnies on top of the refrigerator.

It’s a gazillion years later, and now my kiddos are on the Trick-or-Treating express. Excited and waiting for each little piece of sweet goodness to kerplunk into their pumpkin buckets.

We create memories by dressing up and visiting our neighbors.  I encourage the “trick or treat” and “thank yous” and giggle along with them all while cringing at the sickening sweet globs of candy. My head swirls as I imagine sugar bugs crawling on the children’s teeth and our dentist bills going up, up, up with each sweetly-loaded mouthful.

So, I have found some creative ways to rid ourselves of this Halloween nemesis:

SAMSUNG1. After the kids are in bed sort their candy.

I immediately pull out their their favorites {DOTS and Tootsie Rolls} to keep and I eradicate Pixie Stix and hard candies. Then the hubs, a candy lover, picks out a couple Laffy Taffy and whatever he’s in the mood for. 

2. Bribe them with money.

I tell the kiddos the bank is open and I’ll exchange their candy for some coin. The current exchange rate is now a penny a piece, and we have loads of loose change, so this works well. Plus, it’s a great lesson on money.

3. Put a piece in your kids lunch.

A piece or two never hurt anyone, so I’m fine with putting a small box of DOTS in his lunch box once in a while.

4. Bake cookies with it.

Anything with chocolate has been used to make cookies. I just whip up a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe and then throw in whatever chocolatey goodness I have lying around. Reese Peanut Butter Cups are a HUGE hit.

5. Hide it and save it for Christmas stockings.

Yep, seriously, the life expectancy of a piece of candy is almost equal to a Twinkie so I think the kids are safe. Plus, it’s a great stocking filler and saves us money. It’s a win, win.

Well, there are some ideas for how to beat the Halloween candy overload. What are yours?

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  1. Holly martin October 23, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    Save some extra to use for gingerbread house decorating at Christmas time. Also sell it in Mt Vernon to this:

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